It Makes No Difference    
Jimmie Davis 
Makes no difference, now,
What kind of life 
Fate hands me.
I'll get along
Without you now
It's plain to see.
I don't care
What happens next,
I'll forget somehow.
I don't worry
'Cause it makes no difference, now.

It was just 
A year ago
When first I met you.
And I learned to love you
And I thought you loved me too.
But that's all
In the past
And I'll forget somehow
Well I don't worry
Cause it makes no difference now.

Now that we
Have really parted
I can't believe
It's true
I don't blame myself
And I'm sure
I can't blame you.
There was something
Had to happen
And it did somehow.
Oh, I just don't worry
Cause it makes no difference, now

After all
Is said and done
I'll forget you
Although I know
It will be hard to do.
Let things happen 
As they will
I'll get along
I don't worry
It makes no difference, now.